Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More education, Less arrogance

For those of you that know me from Facebook know what happened a week ago at school. For those who don't know me, I will post what i posted on Facebook:

I had a fallout at school today. We were doing a lab and my teacher had my FM on. But the class got too loud and all I could hear was the background noise and my teacher could tell i was uncomfortable with the loudness so she told the class that I my FM was amplifying any noise in the classroom. than one kid said " Why do you have it if it makes all the noise louder?' She tried to tell but she was having a hard time so i went up to tell why i had one. during that time, I saw a lot of people laughing and giggling. That made me realize how mean people are. I excused myself and went to the bathroom and tried to cool off. I know she talked to them about how rude that was. but i doubt that will help. So to sum it up my end of the day sucked." 

 I have been thinking long and hard about it. It wasn't the boy's fault, he was curious. Sure I was mad of the tone he said it in, a kind of a smart ass tone. But then I realized, he or anyone else wouldn't be asking these questions if they were educated about this! There is more to learning then knowing  that a slope is y=mx+b, or reading Mythology for English.  You need to learn about your world and the the people who share it with you! If more people were educated about deafness and hearing loss, there would be a lot less bullying. I'm not saying it would stop completely, but it wouldn't be as bad as it is!  Most people who bully people with disabities only see the the outside, if it's the fact that that person can't hear, talk,or walk "right", or even can't express themselves. Teach them that we are people too. We just have a different outward appearance.We are not more aliens as you. I know what some people are still going to be mean even if we do tell them, but  some do bully out of arrogance

Help me end bullying of people with any disabitiy! 


Sunday, October 7, 2012


What such great Fall weather here in Texas today! the high is 65 and didn't even come close to it! People here were freaking out like it was our first snow of the season. (Course it wasn't, but close enough for us!)

As I said in the 2nd post, I LOVE music! Some people who only know me as 'deaf' come up to me when they see me with headphones on and ask " Hey, aren't you deaf? Can you even hear the music?" If I have it loud enough, yes. But unlike most people, I pay much more attention to the beat and vibrations for the song and also the lyrics. To fully understand the song, I have to look up the lyrics up on Youtube.
 Living in Texas, naturally I love Country music. I have many favorite singers, but my 1st favorite is Keith Urban. I also like Christian music as well. Not the old hymns, but christian music now has some decent music now! Here are some of my favorites:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Straddling The Line

I know my last post was very conversational, so I just want to clear some things up. 
1. I do like my Hearing Aids very much and wear them most of the time.. 
2. I know since i wear HA's, I will never be considered Deaf, but deaf. 
3. I am not ashamed by them. 

I had a few comments on Facebook, and one person put my situation in the best way I could never dream of: "Straddling The Line." I stood up and yelled "YES, THAT'S EXACTLY RIGHT" 
 Straddling the line between Deaf and Hearing cultures. You don't really belong anywhere. And sometimes that can be a little unsettling. It's like being at an airport standing between 2 gates,not knowing what plane will get you home. So, I have to ride 2 planes. Maybe at the same time. But, you know what? I'm OK with that. It has made me who I am today. 

On a side note, I went to the Audi last Friday and turns out I went from a 80% to 50% speech reg. I have realized I am relying more on reading lips. Which is making conversation harder. I have to stain to listen to my friends mostly because for my teachers I have a FM unit. Thank God for those!!  

I hope y'all are having a good day!! 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hearing Culture v. Deaf Culture

Here's a couple of more things about me:

11. I have a horse named Tommy.
12. I have one brother and one sister- both hearing.
13. They do not know what caused my hearing loss.
14. My favorite time is Fall ( well as Fall-y it can get in Texas..)
15. Even with my hearing loss, I still love music. (I'll write about this soon)

Anyway on to today's topic.

 Being a teen with Hearing Loss is hard. The teenage years are when everyone is discovering who they are.  Well, I'm neither Hearing or Deaf. I'm in No Man's Land. I'm sure there may be a Hard Of Hearing community, but it's not really a 'culture'.  Wikipedia defines culture as "A distinction is current between the physical artifacts created by a society, its so-called material culture and everything else,[3] the intangibles such as language, customs, etc. that are the main referent of the term "culture"." 

Deaf and Hearing both have these distinctions. Language, history, and customs. I exhibit both of the cultures in one way or another. For  example: I talk mainly in English, and I am learning ASL. But I also fallow some Deaf etiquette as on how i get people's attention by tapping on one's shoulder. I also use a lot of technology for the Deaf, like Closed Captions. I consider it rude to brake eye contact so I can read lips and body language. I am not ashamed of my deafness. Not one bit. 

But sometimes, a lot more lately, I feel I am being pushed more than I would like to be of Hearing Culture. Don't tell my mom, but twice this last week, I taken out my one Hearing Aid at school. ( The other one is broken and has been sent off for repairs.) I've blamed it on my ear being sore from a scratch, and wearing the aid made it more sore. And to be honest, I liked it. A lot. Probably more than i should. Mom would really dislike the fact that I would be OK with going without a Hearing Aid.  

 I'm going to have to pick someday,  just not today. And and right now, I'm leaning more towards Deaf culture, because, even with a Hearing Aid, I will never fully be apart of Hearing Culture. 

So what do you guys think? Leave a comment below!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Me. Not You.

Hey It's me, your blogger, Sidd! You may want to know a bit about me...

1. I am Moderate to Profoundly deaf.
2. I have 2 Oticon Epoq's. ( a friend actually came up to be once and said " Why do you have 2 of them"        " Um, I have 2 ears...") No joke that really happened. I guess she was having a blonde day..
3. I also have Cerebral Palsy ( Google it) And it also affected who i am today.
4. I lost my dad at age 10.
5. I'm 14 1/2.
6. I am REALLY random and my sense of humor helps me get though the tough days. 
7. I like trains. ^^ ( I've never ridden on one :( )
8. I like T.V. My fave. shows are NCIS and NCIS:LA, Switched At Birth.
9. I am really big on the awareness of any disabity. with awareness, the is less bullying and discrimination.
10. I beieve God gave me all this to inspire others and reach others for him.

Well i can't think of more right now. So until later my blogees ( i think i just made up a word.. )